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What does food mean to you?

Queuing in an building site with a hangover on a Friday morning for a few pastries & coffees may not have sounded ideal a few months ago, but watching the excitement on everyone’s faces, young and old, as they contemplated and gossiped about what would be left on the shelves for them to enjoy made me think.

Right now, food means more to us than sustenance. It is no longer a Tesco meal deal stuffed into our mouths as we travel to our next destination, or last night's leftovers shovelled into our faces as we sit at our desk at work.

It is now the chance for us to break out of the morbidity of everyday life, to really and truly enjoy something we would have otherwise taken for granted.

Spending weeks perfecting your sourdough, only to take a bite of a fresh slice lathered in salted butter and smirk at how bloody good this is and how talented you are. To spend hours slow cooking and perfecting your chilli, bolognese, curry... whatever it may be, and truly tasting it and thanking yourself for the time and love you put into it. To queue for a pastry, to sit by the river and take your first bite, and think... damn this is good.

We have more time right now than we ever will, and whilst we may feel like we have been less productive than ever before, we must appreciate the small things we do to make it a more bearable, and delicious, time.

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